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Enhancing Organizational Structures & Performance:

With this service, IMC recommends and implements the necessary organizational tools to exploit and create the optimum organizational values. We help your organization and your managers to build a Culture of Trust by creating an environment where your employees will WANT to take responsibility! This results in more productive employees, a higher satisfaction level for your customers, ensuring a very positive impact on your organization's bottom line. Such services include:

  • Developing required organizational structures

  • Suggesting and implementing the needed Strategic Organizational and Policy issues

  • Organizational realignment with the business strategies

  • Empowering leaders to make things happen in complex organizations

  • Stimulating transformational change technology and working wisdom

  • Enhancing organizational spirit and developing of high performance teams

  • Establishing conflict management procedures

  • Building management processes that promote alignment and integration between the enterprise strategy and the HR and IT activities



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