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Development of the Human Capital:

With this service, we help organizations create an environment where employees want to own their jobs and do their best by helping/teaching managers how to easily create a great workplace for all of its members. To accomplish this we provide consulting services, organizational and individual assessments, and training and development processes to help the leaders and the managers in an organization create an environment where employees can and want to be responsible for their work.

Our focus is on working with our clients on long-term projects that have a measurable and meaningful impact on their bottom-line. We believe that only an on-going process of learning at all levels of an organization can have any real lasting impact on increasing employee and customer engagement. This includes organizational, team, and individual assessments that help everyone learn how to maximize strengths while overcoming weaknesses.

IMC can help you and your organization become a master at Managing the Human Side of Business; where your employees are highly engaged, responsible and accountable; where your organization sees increases in effectiveness, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Some of the approaches we use to help your organization achieve Uncommon Results are:

  • Organization-wide effectiveness surveys and studies

  • Strategic Planning and Executive Team Alignment

  • Individualized assessments

  • An ongoing process of learning for your executives, managers and staff

  • A Process of application to ensure that what is learned is taken back to the work setting

  • Use of technology, where applicable and as possible, to achieve effective delivery of solutions

  • Not just theory, but real tools and techniques where managers and employees can use right away to make a Real Difference

  • A Focus on Providing Lasting Change that Provides Long-Term Value and Results!

Our methodology helps:

  • Everyone deal with change.

  • Employees communicate effectively with others to achieve goals, deliver service to customers, close sales, or work more effectively as a team.

  • Employees and supervisors/managers communicate with each other more effectively to manage their work environment more efficiently.

  • Managers increase performance in the workplace by creating a positive environment resulting in a positive impact on the bottom line.



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