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Business Process Engineering & Transformation:

The ability to manage your business in terms of both efficiency and growth is essential for your customers and stakeholders. Our experience shows that by defining, designing, proving, modeling, simulating and developing their business processes in a rigorous and repeatable manner, organizations will reduce operational costs, improve the quality and performance of service delivery and increase customer satisfaction. Jointly with customers, we will identify areas for improvements using value stream analysis, leading BPR techniques and industry knowledge to ensure proper understanding and effective usage of the supporting processes by the business.

Process Engineering:

IMC employs a modular step-by-step approach to assessing and designing business processes. Our services in this area include:

Process Design:

  • Process design

  • Process mapping, communication, and facilitation

  • Process transformation and reengineering, including the application of lean engineering techniques

  • Enterprise modeling using market-leading tools, applying our own process design method from business objectives down to low level enactment

  • Process simulation and optimization using market-leading packages such as Income

  • Cultural change

  • Knowledge transfer, helping you build the expertise of your own people, covering business process engineering skills, process design methodologies and implementation of new processes.

Process Transformation:

  • Stakeholders analysis to identify and assess the importance of key people that may significantly influence the success of transforming the business processes and organisation

  • Capture of as-is business processes as well as the supporting IT infrastructure and organizational design. The capture exercise will include mapping the as-is service fulfillment and service assurance processes in addition to processes enabling the management of network inventory.

  • Best Practice Review and performance analysis to analyze the efficiency of the as-is processes and identify Costs, Inefficiencies, Barriers, and Process that need to be reengineered, i.e. will benefit the most from BPR

  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Performance Targets that will be used to Measure the delivery of the critical success factors, and monitor the operational performance

  • To-Be Process Design is the outcome from the previous and will be a workshop-based activity that will include all of the key stakeholders, and address the service fulfillment and service assurance processes.



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