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ERP & Technology Selection & Implementation Support:

IMC, with this service, helps its customer in the deployment of their Enterprise Resources Planning Software by providing all or any of the following functionalities:

  • Collect information about the breakthrough objectives and processes (Business Model).

  • Study strategy impact and cost justification for the introduction of new information system.

  • Generate Request for Proposal for the detailed requirements of the hardware and/or different software modules based on the collected information (Information Model).

  • Solicit Tenders, evaluate proposals, and identify legible suppliers for the hardware and/or software.

  • Ensure adequate compliancy level of the proposed solution to Client’s requirements (Alignment of the Information and Business Models).

  • Negotiate with suppliers on behalf of clients.

  • Manage the procurement and delivery process of the hardware and/or software.

  • Manage the implementation process of the software to ensure complying and stable implementation (Technology Enabling Model).

  • Help clients implement data mining tools and develop needed output.

  • Help clients to develop tools and techniques to preserve corporate ERP knowledge.

  • Manage the change process between the old and new systems.



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