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Knowledge Management:

In an economy where the only certainty is uncertainty, the rising source of competitive advantage among organizations is their intellectual capital or KNOWLEDGE. Organizational knowledge is based on the successful use of two intangible assets: human capital and information. Combined with the appropriate information technology, the successful exploitation of knowledge infrastructure accelerates the innovation process and product life cycles in organizations. This new phenomenon of increasing the role of the intellectual capital in enterprise strategies is the base of the new economy emergence. Increasing the role of intellectual capital in enterprise strategies is one of the bases of the emerging new economy.

The new business environment demands foresight, superior performance, innovation and adaptation, rather than the traditional emphasis on optimization. Effective and complete planning for enterprise knowledge management is critical. The four enterprise engineering pillars are leadership, organization, technology and learning in support of enterprise wide knowledge management initiatives. In application, these pillars represent critical success factors for Knowledge Management implementation.

IMC helps its clients empowering knowledge management in their organization by:

  • Helping the organization leadership develops business and operational strategies, aligns knowledge management with business tactics to drive the value of Knowledge Management throughout the enterprise, and focuses on building executive support and Knowledge Management champions.

  • Aligning operation processes with the Knowledge Management framework and the organizationís strategy including all performance metrics and objectives.

  • Properly assessing, defining, identifying and deploying best-of-breed Knowledge Management software and IT tools to match and align with the organizationís requirements.

  • Creating organizational behavior that supports a Knowledge Management strategy after the system is established.



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