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Developing  a “Change Management” Strategy:

To stay competitive, many companies attempt radical transformation by adopting a brand-new business model, entering a different industry, merging with another firm or deploying a new global strategy. Often, these efforts fail. As they seek to change, IMC helps companies to work on three separate, intimately connected levels of change initiatives: operations, strategy and identity.

Managers who want to help their organizations achieve substantive, but peaceful, change need to be aware of, and anticipate the possibility of, changes in all these levels. For this reason, a change process should follow a consistent and complete plan that addresses the different perspectives which are special to every distinct organization.

Many companies have already planned and implemented many different models and approaches for change management. IMC, with its diverse experience in change management, has a database of case studies that identify the failures and success of those initiatives. We work to show you the opportunities and threats that help your organization reap the benefits, avoid the mistakes, and overcome the hurdles of your change initiative. 

 With this service, IMC will:

- Identify the most critical and sensitive milestones for planning and implementing a change initiative in your organization such as: establishing a sense of urgency, forming a powerful guiding coalition, creating and communicating a vision,  removing obstacles to the new vision, systematically planning for and creating short-term wins, consolidating improvements,  and institutionalizing new approaches.

- Select the change agents that will carry the responsibility of the change management initiative.

- Recommend the emergent approach to successful change that promotes organizational structure, organizational learning, managerial behavior, power and politics, and tools and techniques.

- Formulate and communicate a vision that guides your change process and clarifies the direction in which your organization needs to move.

- Define the strategies and roadmap that focus on a mix of norms and values, interests and incentives, gradual transformation of the environment, or demonstration of authority.

- Help you to foster core values which are critical for successful change management such as: empowering employees, openness, ownership of the change process, collaboration, risk taking, continuous learning, and removing barriers to communication.

- Train change agents and transformational leaders to acquire several skills in the fields of politics, analysis, business, and communication and interpersonal skills.

- Develop a customized module for change management for your organization that considers an integrated approach to implement change.



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